Shilpa Chem

SC ‘HE’ Highly Exhausted

These are bifunctional Reactive Dyes. Which are having two reactive molties of the same type viz Monochloro Triazinyl.The chromogen of the colour is supported through a stillbene in the molecule. This structure provides good light fastness and as well good washing fastness because of having high molecular weight. SC ‘HE’ Dyes give good yields irrespective the M:L ratio and having high substantivity. These are having high fixation and tinctorial value. All shades of SC ‘HE’ are mutually compatable in combination with good shade reproducibility. The optimum fixation temperature of SC ‘HE’ Dyes is 80-85 Deg. C.

Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only as colours vary with individual monitors and therefore cannot be guaranteed as accurate.
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