Shilpa Chem

Welcome to Shilpa Chem

In life color plays a major role. Colors plays an important role in life. Every expression is incomplete without colors and we provide colors which put life in woven fabrics.

Our company was started way back in 1970. A trading house, Shilpa Chem was formed which is engaged in trading of dyes stuff. Our company has solid presence in Indian market in dyes stuff. We are in manufacturing and trading of wide range of dyes like Reactive, Acids, Direct, Basic, Napthol based dyes.

Quality product at reasonable prices can be supplied. Our group enjoys a reputation of excellent work and delivery on right time.

In worldwide all are facing new challenges daily and we will be happy to help clients to find a solution for dyes stuff and intermediate requirements

Competition is a driving force in dyes industry. In near future we will see India as a major player in the world of dyes market and we are a part of it. Quality is the best way to eliminate competition and we have set high standards of it.